Review of Starters and True Ghost Stories

Starters is written by Lissa Price and True Ghost Stories is written by Jim Harold. Starters I read the paperback version of. Starters is a dystopia where all the parents of young children are exposed to a virus and die, leaving only the elderly and the generation of kid only old enough to be their grandkids. The elderly are basically have been in control of everything every since the virus attacked. The youngest generation were not old enough to have a say in anything are basically forced into poverty. Kids younger than eighteen do have one source of income though they can rent their young healthy bodies to the elderly for money. Callie is one of those many teens who rents her body to give her and her sickly brother a better life. However things start to go wrong when Callie wakes up while her body is being rented. I know I am going to get some hate for this but I disliked The Hunger Game books. I just couldn’t get behind a heroine as cold and unemotional as Katniss was to everyone but her family. Callie situation with her brother is even worse than Katniss’s since Katniss still had her mother. Callie even though she is her brother sole provider has an optimism that Katniss lacked. When it comes down to leading ladies Callie has Katniss beat to me. True Ghost Stories is a nonfiction book I read on my kindle about true different paranormal experiences people have had from a family who bought a haunted painted to a young boy walking his dog to be meet with a pair of ominous eyes watching him in the bushes. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys nonfiction and different tales of the paranormal.


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