Review of Sever by Lauren Destefano

Sever is the third book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy. The book is the end of a saga about a girl named Rhine. Rhine was tricked into being abducted by a group of people who’s true intention was to select girls to be the bride of a well known wealthy man’s son. This book is a dystopia with an interesting premise. The premise is that all woman die at twenty and men at twenty five. This world impacts several decisions such as the fact that many people chose not have children to spare them from the disease, to woman as young as thirteen getting pregnant. My favorite thing is how beautiful things are described like hope and freedom. The descriptions are so vivid and beautiful that they almost seem real enough to touch. The series handles the plot and how it influences the characters decision as realistic as possible. The series also examines everyone point of view and portrays all the characters in shades of gray as opposed to black and white. I recommend this series to mature reads due to the serious issues of teen pregnancy and polygamy.


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