Worn Stories

I recently got done watching Worn Stories on

netflix and found it interesting, even though the

premise was not what I expected. When I first

started this series I expected it to be about how

the clothes we were everyday like jeans and

sweatpants came to be part of our everyday

wardrobe. What I got were stories told by

individuals who had different pieces of clothing

change their lives. My favorite story was one

about this woman who got a black dress in her

twenties and struggled with alcoholism after she

got older. She began to realize her struggles with

alcohol, she wore that same dress to a work

accomplishment whenever she wore the dress. I

enjoyed the show despite my preconceived

function in Vegas and found the courage to stay

sober. After that she always felt a sense of

notions and encouraged anyone who is a fan of

shows that inspire you to give it a watch.

Who is Hanna true Match

After hearing several people’s comments on how well Spaleb complete each other as people it got me curious who would that person be for Hanna? The other three guys she has been with have had very little screen tv but my favorite was season 4b verison of Gabe Holbrook he challenged Hanna and brought out a new side to her. Who do you viewers think would be match for Hanna excluding Caleb.

Hanna official pretty little liars red headed step child

After 6 and a half season it has never been more official then it has tonight that the show views Hanna as the show little brat that they like to keep beaten down. Throughout the season Hanna has had to deal with more major problems than any other liar for example having a parent arrested then Ali being back and everyone ignoring her when she needed help to getting to getting arrested herself. The show never lets Hanna any accomplishments either.  The actress who plays Hanna is a talented dancer but instead of letting her succeed when she dances in the show they have be a laughing stock. This season is even worse her boyfriend  of at least 3 years after they break up she gets engaged to guy and due to Aria’s stupidity is forced to lie to him so you know the engagement is not going to last. Her boyfriend Caleb and her best friend Spencer have been getting close for the last two years and after reluctantly giving them her blessing they sleep together. So odds are the series is going to end with Hanna alone while all her friends find love and get happily ever after school.

Review of Legends of Tommorow 

Tonight I watch Legends of Tommorow and feel a little cheated that the pilot can’t be two hours long and hold off on the hundred till next week. This half of the pilot mostly focused on introducing the characters to people who were unfamiliar with them. I found this semi helpful since I find Arrow off putting and am strictly a flash watcher. The show also focused on the different reasons the characters had for joining Rip Hunter on his time traveling quest to stop Vandel. My favorite moment was when heatwave asked to have some of whatever stain used to roofie jax. The crew was firestorm, captain cold, white canary, the atom, heatwave, hawk man and hawk girl

Review of Undivided

Undivided is the last book of the unwind series by Neal Shusterman. The unwind series is a terrific dystopia that puts into practice the idea that if parents chose to they can harvest the kids for organs when they turn 13 until they are 17. The author’s greatest strength is his ability to create so many emotions through his writing with such minor characters. One of my favorite parts of the series is when a teacher finds three kids who were being forcible unwound and decides that it is her duty as a teacher to help them and set an example for her students. This book focus on several characters each important in their own way. From Cam a boy made completely of unwound parts who brings down the main organization responsible for unwinding to Grace a girl of below average intelligence who ends up donating the world first organ printer to a medical lab so there is another alternative to unwinding. The book ends with several people being reunited with the kids they unwound after reading letters their parents wrote to them. I urge anyone and everyone to read this and experience the emotional thrill ride for yourself. This book uses different article throughout it as well to make a point on how closely our society resembles the dystopia.

Mario Leaping Onto A Cellphone Near You


A Japanese newspaper called the Mainchi Shimbun told the world that he plans to make apps for smartphones that feature well know Nintendo characters. There is some bad news however these apps are not intended to be unleashed until the end of the year so everyone has quiet a wait ahead of them. The other damper on this exciting story is that no one has any idea which characters are getting apps so it could be any of them. Nintendo’s plan for developing mobile games were put into effect slightly last year by obtaining am alliance with DeNA and creating a communication app called Miitomo that is going to be available for play in less than two months. The app is not so much of a game as it is a way for people to design and create avatars. What excites me the most however is the fact that next year by March four new games are going to be available for the public to play. I for one am complete excited and feel that this is going to be the next step toward revolutionizing technology.  

Review of Colony

I just got done with a new show called Colony featuring the guy Sawyer from Lost and another familiar face Lori Grimes from the walking dead. The show was a sci fi show that focused on a LA town  that was invaded by a mysterious group called the host. Sawyer plays Will a guy who seems to sympathizes with other humans despite having worked with the host at one point. Lori plays Katie an ex bar owner and Sawyer’s wife. We learn very little about the host but it is a pilot episode and I want to see where it goes. From the promo’s it looks like the show is going to focus on the fact that Will and Katie are on different sides when it comes to the intentions of their host.

What the State of The Union Address means for Americans

This Tuesday Baraka Obama President of the United States address the rest of us with his State of the Union Address. What does this address mean for this rest of us read this article to find out. The main point of this event was for Obama to address the United States concerns about our economy and national security. The second reason is a little more personal Obama wanted to do some damage control due to the fact that he could be out of office soon. The idea’s Obama gave to solve the problems I addressed above are great but unlikely to gain the support needed to be put into action. Obama also used technology and globalization to absolve himself from any blame from the country economic condition. It is my conclusion that The State of The Union Address was used mostly for Obama to protect himself and a small part to ease our fears about the state the nation is in.

Review of Frankie Murphy Kiss List

There are some middle grade books that are just timeless to me. Those books are ones I wanted to read multiple times and never outgrow, even though I am currently 29 and for the most part read strictly YA fiction. One of those book that I never seem to outgrow is Frankie Murphy Kiss List. 

Frankie Murphy Kiss List is about a boy named Travis who gets fed up with newcomer Frankie Murphy’s constant bragging and bets him that He cannot kiss all the girls in their 6th grade class before they graduate to middle school. Travis thinks that this is impossible due to the fact that his best friend Anna thinks Frank Murphy is scum.

Frankie proves that he is one fierce competitor though. Through sheer cunning Frankie manages to eliminate every girl except for of course Anna but, Travis is beginning to realize something just aren’t worth betting. The question on every reader’s mind is did Travis bit off more than he can chew.

I feel this books shows how relevant emotions are and why they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  I would recommend this to all kids because it teaches kids a good lesson that many adults have yet to learn. It also displays how male and female friendships change as people grow older.