Review of Colony

I just got done with a new show called Colony featuring the guy Sawyer from Lost and another familiar face Lori Grimes from the walking dead. The show was a sci fi show that focused on a LA town  that was invaded by a mysterious group called the host. Sawyer plays Will a guy who seems to sympathizes with other humans despite having worked with the host at one point. Lori plays Katie an ex bar owner and Sawyer’s wife. We learn very little about the host but it is a pilot episode and I want to see where it goes. From the promo’s it looks like the show is going to focus on the fact that Will and Katie are on different sides when it comes to the intentions of their host.


How to Get Away With Murder 2:6

This week on How To Get Away With Murder the case of the week was a transvestite who killed her abusive husband. Wes is still investigating Rebecca disappearance which led to a great scene between Annalisa and Wes where they agreed not have any more secrets with one another. Asher made the decision not to testify so long as his secret was protected. This made for some great drama especially when Annalisa decided the best way to protect Asher was to investigate Asher’s father. I look forward to next week when Asher confronts Annalisa for it. My favorite scene of the episode was when Frank took Laurel to his house for dinner. I liked seeing them as a couple as opposed to sex buddies which has been their relationship up until this episode. The end of the show had magnificent twists. The flash forwards show Catherine being drugged and placed in the woods by Frank. The finale scenes also show Conner and his boyfriend Oliver being watched on a web camera by a mysterious stranger.

Vampire Diaries season 7 episode 1

The first thing the show goes to is three years after Elena is in the coma. We see Stefan attempting to wake Damon up from a coffin by pouring blood into his mouth. The show then goes back to a few days after Elena is put into the coma. The show decided to parallel the first season by reintroducing the characters narrating from their diaries. Before Elena went into her coma she asked the others to record what she misses through journals or diaries so she can get caught up once she returns. Caroline writes that Damon has decided to take Alaric on a drinking bender all over the world to help him heal from losing his wife and children. Bonnie taking comfort in being near a piece of Elena goes with them. It is revealed that Alaric with a hidden agenda had been sober the entire trip. Alaric has been trying to locate a stone that will allow him to resurrect his wife.

The heretics Lily unleashed in last season are introduced. Lily wants to form a peaceful coexistence with the other citizens of Mystic Falls, but the Heretics being so angry at Stefan after he blows up their house with a bomb rebel against everyone by wage an attack during a police deputizing ceremony. Stefan decides the best course of actions is to form a truce with Lily. Stefan and Lily agree for all Mystic Fall citizens to move out and anyone who trespasses is left to the Heretic’s. Damon and Bonnie break that truce quickly by killing one of the Heretics.

The show ends by flashing forward 3 years again. Damon wakes up and gets mad at Stefan for waking him up before Elena is awake. Stefan could care less and then an unknown person shoots arrows at Damon’s coffin. Damon mentions something about it being her again and the show ends. I think the her being referred to is Alaric wife. Who do you think was attacking Damon and Stefan?

Hope for Heroes

First, I would like to apologize for not updating yesterday. My family took my four year old niece to Disney on Ice and I didn’t get back early enough      to update. My plan is to review a T.V. Show today and tomorrow I will write about the art or music related news I promised.

I am going to write about Heroes Reborn episode two. The last episode was mostly used to introduce characters and reunite us with some familiar faces like Claire’s dad. This week’s episode however was a little different it started connecting storylines together. One example of this happened when Hiro’s daughter ended up in the same company responsible for abducting Molly and building a machine to target Evo’s.

The weak spot of the episode for me was the high school student evo. I think they made him way too immature for someone who has had powers for some time. He should understand the fact that he has to take precautions for his own safety. Last week he mentioned a few of being captured so it makes no sense to do something that would cause him to be caught. The bright spot was when it was revealed that one of the people hunting evo’s is an evo himself. I feel like making that guy an evo will make him a more sympathetic and human character. I also can’t wait to see what his wife does when she realizes that her husband has become the one thing she hates the most.

The fact that Heroes Reborn is trying this early to connect storylines gives me hope about where the show is headed. I think the fact that the reboot is trying to tie stories together, while the first season still had unconnected stories like the Nikki/Jessica things well into the second season. This decision shows a desire to improve on the plot from the original show. I fully intend to keep watching to see if that is true

“How to Get Away with Murder “season 2 episode one

Before I get started I want to make something very clear while I have blogged about many things, a is not one of them, so I hope anyone who reads this is patient with me until I can find my rhythm. The episode begins with Annalisa and Frank discussing who killed Rebecca .Frank suspects Wes but Annalisa advocates for him saying that Frank has no proof even after seeing Wes exhibit some very destructive behavior. We later learn that Bonnie “Annalisa ‘s assistant” is the one who killed Rebecca.“How to Get Away With Murder” not only cleared up one of last season’s mysteries, but also left some mysteries from last season for the show to continue to solve. One example of this is when an intern of Annalisa, Mikalya begins to search for Eggs the last person Rebecca texted for help before her death last season. Some new element were added to the show as well, such as a new case that Annalisa took involving adopted twins who are being accused of murdering their parents.The male twin especially looks suspicious toward the end of the episode when he returned from a jog shortly after their cruel aunt was killed after testifying against them in court. One of the most surprising scenes was close to the end of the episode where it showed one of Annalisa students Wes running away from a random house.While Annalisa was in the same house, lying on the floor, covered in blood, and struggling to breath. I am anxious to see what takes place the rest of the season, particularly what happens to Annalisa.

5 characters I wish I could drown

1. Hermonie Granger I never really liked her lack of people skills. I feel like so many people focus on her intellect that they forgot how short tempered and narrow minded she can be.                                                2. Izzie from mates dates and inflatable bra’s she never looked at anyone perspective in the series but her own.                                                     3. Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars series. Emily always talks down to Hanna and always makes jokes at her expense. The other girls do sometimes too but they have also shown that they have Hanna’s back at some point during the series unlike Emily.                 
4. Susie Caramicial from rugrats she was just as competive as Angelica but she never had moments of compassion towards Angelica like Angelica did when she helped Susie use her easy bake oven to make doorstoppers or make an apologize card after breaking her bike. 
5. Rogue from x men  I am from Oklahoma and am disgusted by her accent how she got the lead on true blood with that poor excuse for southern drawl is beyond me.