Mario Leaping Onto A Cellphone Near You


A Japanese newspaper called the Mainchi Shimbun told the world that he plans to make apps for smartphones that feature well know Nintendo characters. There is some bad news however these apps are not intended to be unleashed until the end of the year so everyone has quiet a wait ahead of them. The other damper on this exciting story is that no one has any idea which characters are getting apps so it could be any of them. Nintendo’s plan for developing mobile games were put into effect slightly last year by obtaining am alliance with DeNA and creating a communication app called Miitomo that is going to be available for play in less than two months. The app is not so much of a game as it is a way for people to design and create avatars. What excites me the most however is the fact that next year by March four new games are going to be available for the public to play. I for one am complete excited and feel that this is going to be the next step toward revolutionizing technology.  


How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolution’s

It is the start of 2016 which means several people including me has set New Year’s Resolutions. The goal of this article is to show three different methods to keep them. The first tip is to make sure the goals you are setting are things you are capable of achieving. One thing to keep in mind when reaching your goal is to break it down into more manageable baby steps, for example my goal is cut back on Pepsi. I currently drink 10 cans a week. My goal is to get that down to nine. I am achieving this by pushing back the can I usually drink by a day later each week for example one week I drink the tenth can Tuesday next week I drink the tenth can Wednesday.

The second tip is to focus on the journey rather than the destination.  What I mean by this to focus on the progress you make towards your resolution and not just on the resolution itself. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds and so far you have lost five. Focus on the fact that you are five pounds closer to your goal and not the fact that you still have fifteen left.

The third and final tip is to try and keep your resolution positive.  What I mean by this is if your resolution is focused on a negative thing like becoming less of a social recluse. Focus instead on find activities that interest you outside your comfort zone, that way you are looking forward towards your new goals instead of dreading it.

In conclusion I wish all you New Year’s Resolution’s conquers the best of look and happy belated New Year.

Expanding Sinkhole Could Devour Apartment Building

Has anyone ever seen a sinkhole? Those forces of nature are completely terrifying. What is the cause of them? That is a question this article will answer. The earth like any other element in the world must be treated with courtesy and respect. Much like oceans the earth is a terrifying element that can causes tragedies like earthquakes and landslides. A sinkhole in Florida that was created a week ago has expanded by almost eight feet. Some people who have witnessed the sink hole fear that it is going to swallow building nearby. The sinkhole has even expanded far enough to touch the edge of a nearby office building forcing those in it to leave quickly. Sinkholes are created partially submerged rocks crumbling and sand and debris above causing the area to sink in. These conditions are met mostly in place with a lot of water like the coast of an ocean. In conclusion the best course of action when it comes to sinkholes is to get as far away from there, massively destructive, behavior as possible.

Changes Rolling onto Wal-Mart

A news story came out that mentioned two big changes Wal-Mart is making to its’ stores. As someone previously employed by Wal-Mart I found the article had some interesting points and the new changes could be extremely beneficial to their employee’s and the consumers. The first change is that in order to make choosing between different brands of a product less of a hassle the Wal-Mart supercenters are going to limit the number of products they sells. For example some food items like Ketchup will come in only two sizes instead of the multiple sizes available now. The other change Wal-Mart is making is a visual one. The company has decied put all shelves a foot closer to the ground so that when a customer walks into Wal-Mart the can look at the entire store. This change however will cause several of the checkout isle products like candy to be gone. Wal-Mart needs to change its’ ways to make up for the money it is currently losing. The company until recently has been keeping itself afloat by paying it’s employee’s very little and striking deals with the vendors for the lowest priced products. Wal-Mart is now working on gaining more employees by offering higher salaries.

Ohio prolongs death until 2017

On October 19 Ohio states that there will be no executions until 2017 at least. Ohio made this decision based upon the fact that the drugs required for the exactions are becoming hard to obtain. The state of Ohio has not had an execution since January of 2014 and eleven are currently scheduled for 2016. Earlier this month Oklahoma stated that they were being forced to delay executions as well. Most states that have the death penalty are struggling to find the chemicals used in lethal injections, since a store that sold them stopped due to an ethical change of heart. There is a law in Ohio that states no one is allowed to know the names of the pharmacies that provide chemicals for lethal injections, so the pharmacies can decide for themselves to provide the chemicals without worrying about being judge for it. Ohio was forced at one point to find their own mix of chemicals for a lethal injection but they stopped

Ecotourism Bad for Animals

Ecotourism is the act of letting humans into the animal’s natural environment as opposed to zoo’s that let people interact with animals in captivity. Charles Darwin has proven however that ecotourism is hazardous to animals. Charles Darwin was a biologist before the term was even invented. Darwin went all over the world writing observation about the different exotic animals he saw as he traveled. His observations gave us several proven theories on the relationships between people and animals. The most well known is theory of evolution. The theory of evolution states that all living organisms or living things evolved or developed from weaker organism over time. The theory that is most relevant to the topic of ecotourism is the creation of ecosystem.

Ecosystems are the people or things each living organism is born into. People’s ecosystems consist of their climate food, water, neighbors, friends, excreta. When something changes in an ecosystem it changes whatever is living in it drastically. One example of this in history is when Columbus discovered the new world. After Columbus and his crew built homes in the new world the Indians that were living there before Columbus arrived began to fall ill. Columbus and his companions had brought with them dieses. People in Columbus ecosystem had built up a resistance to these dieses after be around them all their lives. Indians had never been around those dieses before and began to die one by one.

I am not saying people are bringing dieses to the animal’s environment but their presence could encourage the animals they are seeing not to fear them. This would draw the animals being visited to move closer to humans who could find them intimidating. Darwinism and history prove that people should leave animal natural habitats alone and stick to zoo.

1,969 pumpkin won biggest pumpkin contest

In case you haven’t noticed the leaves are changing colors and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. What this means in the long run that it is officially fall in the US. California celebrated the fall season by having their yearly plumpest pumpkin contest. The competition was held in the San Francisco bay area. While the winning pumpkin was huge and weighed 1,969 it was nowhere the 2,323 pumpkin that currently holds the world record. The winner Steve Daletas received $12,000 for this year winning pumpkin. The transportation of these pumpkins to the contest is done by forklifts and special harnesses. The pumpkins these last few have been hard to grow due the four year drought in California