Who is Hanna true Match

After hearing several people’s comments on how well Spaleb complete each other as people it got me curious who would that person be for Hanna? The other three guys she has been with have had very little screen tv but my favorite was season 4b verison of Gabe Holbrook he challenged Hanna and brought out a new side to her. Who do you viewers think would be match for Hanna excluding Caleb.


Hanna official pretty little liars red headed step child

After 6 and a half season it has never been more official then it has tonight that the show views Hanna as the show little brat that they like to keep beaten down. Throughout the season Hanna has had to deal with more major problems than any other liar for example having a parent arrested then Ali being back and everyone ignoring her when she needed help to getting to getting arrested herself. The show never lets Hanna any accomplishments either.  The actress who plays Hanna is a talented dancer but instead of letting her succeed when she dances in the show they have be a laughing stock. This season is even worse her boyfriend  of at least 3 years after they break up she gets engaged to guy and due to Aria’s stupidity is forced to lie to him so you know the engagement is not going to last. Her boyfriend Caleb and her best friend Spencer have been getting close for the last two years and after reluctantly giving them her blessing they sleep together. So odds are the series is going to end with Hanna alone while all her friends find love and get happily ever after school.