Mario Leaping Onto A Cellphone Near You


A Japanese newspaper called the Mainchi Shimbun told the world that he plans to make apps for smartphones that feature well know Nintendo characters. There is some bad news however these apps are not intended to be unleashed until the end of the year so everyone has quiet a wait ahead of them. The other damper on this exciting story is that no one has any idea which characters are getting apps so it could be any of them. Nintendo’s plan for developing mobile games were put into effect slightly last year by obtaining am alliance with DeNA and creating a communication app called Miitomo that is going to be available for play in less than two months. The app is not so much of a game as it is a way for people to design and create avatars. What excites me the most however is the fact that next year by March four new games are going to be available for the public to play. I for one am complete excited and feel that this is going to be the next step toward revolutionizing technology.  


What the State of The Union Address means for Americans

This Tuesday Baraka Obama President of the United States address the rest of us with his State of the Union Address. What does this address mean for this rest of us read this article to find out. The main point of this event was for Obama to address the United States concerns about our economy and national security. The second reason is a little more personal Obama wanted to do some damage control due to the fact that he could be out of office soon. The idea’s Obama gave to solve the problems I addressed above are great but unlikely to gain the support needed to be put into action. Obama also used technology and globalization to absolve himself from any blame from the country economic condition. It is my conclusion that The State of The Union Address was used mostly for Obama to protect himself and a small part to ease our fears about the state the nation is in.

How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolution’s

It is the start of 2016 which means several people including me has set New Year’s Resolutions. The goal of this article is to show three different methods to keep them. The first tip is to make sure the goals you are setting are things you are capable of achieving. One thing to keep in mind when reaching your goal is to break it down into more manageable baby steps, for example my goal is cut back on Pepsi. I currently drink 10 cans a week. My goal is to get that down to nine. I am achieving this by pushing back the can I usually drink by a day later each week for example one week I drink the tenth can Tuesday next week I drink the tenth can Wednesday.

The second tip is to focus on the journey rather than the destination.  What I mean by this to focus on the progress you make towards your resolution and not just on the resolution itself. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds and so far you have lost five. Focus on the fact that you are five pounds closer to your goal and not the fact that you still have fifteen left.

The third and final tip is to try and keep your resolution positive.  What I mean by this is if your resolution is focused on a negative thing like becoming less of a social recluse. Focus instead on find activities that interest you outside your comfort zone, that way you are looking forward towards your new goals instead of dreading it.

In conclusion I wish all you New Year’s Resolution’s conquers the best of look and happy belated New Year.

Cops banned from Dunkin’ Donuts

As any comic will tell you cops and doughnuts go handed in hand but sadly a confrontations at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Hartford Connecticut changed that. A police officer waiting in line was told by the cashier that “We don’t serve cops here.” The owners see the employer’s behavior as lacking an extreme amount of judgment and asked for the police officer to forgive their establishment for their employee’s mistake. Different restaurants in other states like a Whataburger in Texas are boycotting law enforcement as well.

A group of people called the Fraternal Order of Police and another group called Black Lives Matter views these incidents differently. The groups even used the Dunkin’ Donuts employee’s statement as their slogan. These groups are activists who are fueled by several things. One of which is an analysis in 2014 that showed a young black man 21 times more likely than a  young white man to die by a police officer. Ranging from 2010 to 2012 all teens shot by police except for one were black. The most madding was that 77 percent of the lethal police shootings involving blacks occurred under unknown circumstances. Efforts are being taken to improve relations between minorities and police officers.Towns from San Francisco all the way to Baltimore are encouraging officers to form partnerships with youth groups for both sides to learn how to collaborate.

Chicago Shootings Cause Rahm Emanuel to Voice Thoughts On Gun Control

This weekend four Chicago citizens meet the grim reaper. fifty two other citizens were wounded in one form or another. These fifty six people were victims of random shootings that occurred in Chicago throughout the weekend. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel sees this accident as proof that Chicago need to put stricter laws on gun control. Taking into account the fact that shootings in Chicago have increased by 400 since the same time last year, I can almost see where he is coming from.

I do not agree, however I view guns as a tool for self defense. I think guns defend people from violent situations who might not be able to defend themselves. Suppose a looter with a gun walked into your house and attacked you. If he could not be overpowered a gun might be that person’s only line of defense. What I think is that the neighborhoods with the most shootings need to be patrolled more so the authorities can defuse the situation before they escalate into shootings. I also think a curfew needs to be enforced until the shootings stop or the number of incidents goes down. I feel that would go a long way towards protecting citizens from unsafe situations. What do you the reader think needs to be done to improve the shootings in Chicago.