Review of Undivided

Undivided is the last book of the unwind series by Neal Shusterman. The unwind series is a terrific dystopia that puts into practice the idea that if parents chose to they can harvest the kids for organs when they turn 13 until they are 17. The author’s greatest strength is his ability to create so many emotions through his writing with such minor characters. One of my favorite parts of the series is when a teacher finds three kids who were being forcible unwound and decides that it is her duty as a teacher to help them and set an example for her students. This book focus on several characters each important in their own way. From Cam a boy made completely of unwound parts who brings down the main organization responsible for unwinding to Grace a girl of below average intelligence who ends up donating the world first organ printer to a medical lab so there is another alternative to unwinding. The book ends with several people being reunited with the kids they unwound after reading letters their parents wrote to them. I urge anyone and everyone to read this and experience the emotional thrill ride for yourself. This book uses different article throughout it as well to make a point on how closely our society resembles the dystopia.


Review of Frankie Murphy Kiss List

There are some middle grade books that are just timeless to me. Those books are ones I wanted to read multiple times and never outgrow, even though I am currently 29 and for the most part read strictly YA fiction. One of those book that I never seem to outgrow is Frankie Murphy Kiss List. 

Frankie Murphy Kiss List is about a boy named Travis who gets fed up with newcomer Frankie Murphy’s constant bragging and bets him that He cannot kiss all the girls in their 6th grade class before they graduate to middle school. Travis thinks that this is impossible due to the fact that his best friend Anna thinks Frank Murphy is scum.

Frankie proves that he is one fierce competitor though. Through sheer cunning Frankie manages to eliminate every girl except for of course Anna but, Travis is beginning to realize something just aren’t worth betting. The question on every reader’s mind is did Travis bit off more than he can chew.

I feel this books shows how relevant emotions are and why they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  I would recommend this to all kids because it teaches kids a good lesson that many adults have yet to learn. It also displays how male and female friendships change as people grow older.

Review of Fallen Kingdoms Book 4 Frozen Tides

Last week I started and finished the book Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes. I have followed the series since Fall Kingdoms and have loved everyone. I have never been a huge fan of high fantasy so my love for this series surprised me. The book starts where the third book left off. Cleo and Magnus both are on the run after Magnus helped Cleo escape her imprisonment. Lucia is struggling to cope with Alexis’s death.  The book focuses a lot more on the budding romance between Cleo and Magnus. Magnus finally choses a side on the upcoming war. Cleo makes a decision on whether or not Magnus can be trusted. Jonas loses another loved one. Lucia takes a stand on how far her quest for vengeance is willing to go. There are some surprises in this book that happen to the characters I didn’t see coming particularly concerning Lucia. My prediction for the next book is that Nic’s role is expanded due to his dislike of Magnus who begins a relationship with Cleo his best friend. I also think this because Asher’s brother just joined Jonas and Nic’s as part of their band of rebels.

Review of Survivors by Erin Hunter

I have read some of the Warrior Series by Erin Hunter which feature wild cats living in the forest and their struggle for survival. After reading so many books of The Warrior series I grew out of them. Recently when I was checking kindle’s daily deals I saw a book called Survivors written by her this book is a lot like The Warrior series but instead of focusing on cats it focus on dogs. I have always been more of a dog person than a cat person so I gave this book a read just to see the differences. Survivors is about a lone dog named Lucky. Lucky is captured by dog catchers and on his way to the pound when a huge earthquake hits letting him escape. Most humans fled the city with the quake so many dogs kept as pets were abandoned. A group of abandoned pets that include Lucky’s sister Belle need his help to survive in the new world so he reluctantly joins them. The main thing I learned after reading these books is that the writer’s style still has not changed. My biggest issue with this book is the lack of voice the characters are given. The author never tries to make one character any different than the other which is a big flaw in her writing. I would recommend this to middle grade readers who love animals.

Review of Most Likely to Succeed

Mostly Likely to Succeed is the third book of a trilogy called the superlatives. It features a girl named Kaye and the pelican mascot Sawyer. Kaye is already familiar to readers of the series as part of a trio of friends that were featured in the last two books. Sawyer is a friend of all the girls and mentioned in the previous books as well. Kaye and Sawyer are named the perfect couple that never was in the yearbook however, only a few people know this due to the fact the yearbook people who counted the votes have already announced different winners due to a miscount. After Kaye boyfriend Aidan dumps her Kaye begins to get closer to the school bad boy Sawyer than she ever thought. Kaye home life was what really made the book for me. A large part of me kept reading just to see what her crazy mother would do next. Sawyer and Kaye’s relationship bounced back and forth a lot due to the fact both Kaye and Sawyer were insecure people who could get easily offended. I wish Kaye father and brother had more of a voice in the book. Kaye’s father and brother seemed to only exist to support Kaye’s mother and had very few opinions of their own. I would recommend this book to people who like romance stories.

Cyberstorm a temporary apocalypse

I just got done reading a book called Cyberstorm. Cyberstorm is a book about a series of events that shutdown all electronic devices for about a month. The story was interesting but I had trouble following it in places. There was quite a bit of technical information involving satellites that was beyond me. The characters were great though; my two favorites were Chuck and Damon. Chuck was basically the Darryl Dixon of Cyberstorm he had stockpiled supplies for months including a generator. This event occurs during a blizzard so it is very helpful. He also shares his supplies with those close to him including the main character. Damon is a scary smart and ends up creating a new system for people to communicate with once the internet goes down. The network becomes increasingly useful when people start dying and the begins to be the only way to offer their loved ones confront. The network gives those people closer.

The end of the book invoked an anger in me cause by the actions of the main character. Generally before I purchase a book I go to a website called Goodreads that gives me reviews of different books. One of these reviews portrayed the main character as a irritating person, and it took me to the end of the book to find out why. The main character actions in the end came very close to disaster. The main character named Rick decided to go to Washington D.C. for help. Rick sees the Chinese and comes to the conclusion the US has been invaded and high tails it out of there. He never tries to find out anything more he just sees the Chinese camped at Washington and that’s it. I was screaming you idiot the Chinese could be collaborating with the U.S. which they were. Only instead of trying to find out what happened. He lets his prejudices get the better of him. If it was me and I knew people were counting on me I would put my own hang-ups aside and try to do what is best for them. Damon eventually rescues them thank god. I just could not get past how selfish Rick was toward the end

The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl

I purchased a lot of paperback books back in July my favorite of them was The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl . The story is as steam punk meaning the book is science fiction but has the same rules as a Victorian Society. The main character Lady Marguerite wants to began a relationship with her best friend Claude who works for her father.The obvious class distinction, however causes grief for them both. Claude decides to move away and make a fresh start. After a party when an airship captain named Jacques is introduced, Lady Marguerite decides to go to New France where woman are treated as equals to find Claude. Due to an unexpected twist of fate, the airship Lady Marguerite escapes on is piloted by Jacques.

This stories’ main couple I won’t say who have so much passion and fire their interactions sizzle off the page. I have not been this captivated by a couple since reading The Candidates and reading about Dancia Lewis and a guy named Jack. Thankfully the ending to this story ends up a lot happier than The Candidates. I think anyone and everyone should read this book to see what a healthy relationship Between YA book couples is supposed to be like. I should also mention this book is a standalone not part of a series so The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl is only one book.