I know I just started updating again but today was my grandmother’s 83 birthday so I won’t be updating and tommorow I have to take my dog to the vet.


Review of snow like ashes

I recently read snow like ashes by Sara Raasch. I found this book hard to get into mostly due to the disconnect between the protagonist and the other characters. Meria was a very self involved character focusing on being denied her desire to fight and love who she chooses. I don’t mind ambitious characters but Meira selfish put her ambitious above those suffering. The protagonist made this a hard series to read needless to say I do not recommend this series

How to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolution’s

It is the start of 2016 which means several people including me has set New Year’s Resolutions. The goal of this article is to show three different methods to keep them. The first tip is to make sure the goals you are setting are things you are capable of achieving. One thing to keep in mind when reaching your goal is to break it down into more manageable baby steps, for example my goal is cut back on Pepsi. I currently drink 10 cans a week. My goal is to get that down to nine. I am achieving this by pushing back the can I usually drink by a day later each week for example one week I drink the tenth can Tuesday next week I drink the tenth can Wednesday.

The second tip is to focus on the journey rather than the destination.  What I mean by this to focus on the progress you make towards your resolution and not just on the resolution itself. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds and so far you have lost five. Focus on the fact that you are five pounds closer to your goal and not the fact that you still have fifteen left.

The third and final tip is to try and keep your resolution positive.  What I mean by this is if your resolution is focused on a negative thing like becoming less of a social recluse. Focus instead on find activities that interest you outside your comfort zone, that way you are looking forward towards your new goals instead of dreading it.

In conclusion I wish all you New Year’s Resolution’s conquers the best of look and happy belated New Year.