Review of Frankie Murphy Kiss List

There are some middle grade books that are just timeless to me. Those books are ones I wanted to read multiple times and never outgrow, even though I am currently 29 and for the most part read strictly YA fiction. One of those book that I never seem to outgrow is Frankie Murphy Kiss List. 

Frankie Murphy Kiss List is about a boy named Travis who gets fed up with newcomer Frankie Murphy’s constant bragging and bets him that He cannot kiss all the girls in their 6th grade class before they graduate to middle school. Travis thinks that this is impossible due to the fact that his best friend Anna thinks Frank Murphy is scum.

Frankie proves that he is one fierce competitor though. Through sheer cunning Frankie manages to eliminate every girl except for of course Anna but, Travis is beginning to realize something just aren’t worth betting. The question on every reader’s mind is did Travis bit off more than he can chew.

I feel this books shows how relevant emotions are and why they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  I would recommend this to all kids because it teaches kids a good lesson that many adults have yet to learn. It also displays how male and female friendships change as people grow older.


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