Review of Fallen Kingdoms Book 4 Frozen Tides

Last week I started and finished the book Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes. I have followed the series since Fall Kingdoms and have loved everyone. I have never been a huge fan of high fantasy so my love for this series surprised me. The book starts where the third book left off. Cleo and Magnus both are on the run after Magnus helped Cleo escape her imprisonment. Lucia is struggling to cope with Alexis’s death.  The book focuses a lot more on the budding romance between Cleo and Magnus. Magnus finally choses a side on the upcoming war. Cleo makes a decision on whether or not Magnus can be trusted. Jonas loses another loved one. Lucia takes a stand on how far her quest for vengeance is willing to go. There are some surprises in this book that happen to the characters I didn’t see coming particularly concerning Lucia. My prediction for the next book is that Nic’s role is expanded due to his dislike of Magnus who begins a relationship with Cleo his best friend. I also think this because Asher’s brother just joined Jonas and Nic’s as part of their band of rebels.


Wacky Weather Upsets U.S. Winter

Being from Oklahoma, I have seen my fair share of damage caused by weather on TV or heard about it in the news. I have however very rarely seen wacky weather like the recent tornadoes, so late in the year. Most twisters that occurs in Oklahoma occur in early spring and continue throughout midsummer. The recent weather conditions though have proven to be an exception to that rule. The surprising weather seem to have caught many other U.S. residents off guard as well.

These freak storms along with other extreme weather conditions like flash floods took the lives of forty people living in the U.S.  The unexpected weather has impacted people in other ways too.  Over 2,900 flight were canceled as of 7:00 Tonight. That does not include the 4,000 flight delays that occurred as well.  The worst flight delays occurred in a Chicago airport.

This recent wacky weather even put a hold on two up and coming politicians named Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. The plans the two had made to further expand their campaign were put on hold when the wacky weather manifested itself. Here’s hoping the new year will wash the weather anew with a clean slate.