How to get away with murder

in flash forward this week we see that the Keating students involved in Rebecca murder were split into two groups Wes and Laural =group 1. Conner and Mikelea =group 2 we also learn that Bonnie was the one who killed Sinclair by throwing her off the balcony. My guess on Annalise’s assaulter is Conner especially after what happened this episode. The case of the week was about a guy who committed suicide. The trial ended when a previously innocent person pleaded the fifth after being asked if he was sleeping with the deceased wife. Nate was accused and cleared of killing his terminally ill wife.  Their was little development on Catherine and Caleb case but a new suspect an illegitimate cousin immerigaed and this cousin kidnapped Conner’s boyfriend Oliver.  I hope he is okay I find his innonce much needed. 


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