Apps to help you survive the holidays this year

November is officially here which means the biggest shopping days of the year Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here. Hopefully this Ten apps will help you come out from holiday shopping without breaking the bank. 1. RetailMeNot this app is available for free and gives great deals on a hodgepodge of products. Most of the time this app allows to locate bargains before they even go on sale in their original stores. The store will also sometimes include things free shipping and wrapping them for you. 2. Giftster Having trouble keeping your gift list straight if so Giftster is the app for you. Giftster is an app that creates gift registry for all family members. The best thing is that once the lists are finished anybody with a list can see the items and chose to buy a certain present so everyone can keep track of whose has already bought what. 3. Ring is an app that can be useful all year round. Every time someone rings you door bell Ring shows you who it is on camera. You can even speak to the person on your doorstep. Downside is that this app only works if your doorbell has a camera. Ring can be very useful in beating your kids to the door to hide their Christmas presents if they were ordered online. 4 .Slice Slice like Ring is a app that helps with online ordering but Slice allows you to track purchase online. Slice tracks all your purchases through your online receipts. Once Slice collects all your receipts it displays them on a map. The map indicates when the gifts are coming and where they currently are.


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