Review of Survivors by Erin Hunter

I have read some of the Warrior Series by Erin Hunter which feature wild cats living in the forest and their struggle for survival. After reading so many books of The Warrior series I grew out of them. Recently when I was checking kindle’s daily deals I saw a book called Survivors written by her this book is a lot like The Warrior series but instead of focusing on cats it focus on dogs. I have always been more of a dog person than a cat person so I gave this book a read just to see the differences. Survivors is about a lone dog named Lucky. Lucky is captured by dog catchers and on his way to the pound when a huge earthquake hits letting him escape. Most humans fled the city with the quake so many dogs kept as pets were abandoned. A group of abandoned pets that include Lucky’s sister Belle need his help to survive in the new world so he reluctantly joins them. The main thing I learned after reading these books is that the writer’s style still has not changed. My biggest issue with this book is the lack of voice the characters are given. The author never tries to make one character any different than the other which is a big flaw in her writing. I would recommend this to middle grade readers who love animals.


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