Expanding Sinkhole Could Devour Apartment Building

Has anyone ever seen a sinkhole? Those forces of nature are completely terrifying. What is the cause of them? That is a question this article will answer. The earth like any other element in the world must be treated with courtesy and respect. Much like oceans the earth is a terrifying element that can causes tragedies like earthquakes and landslides. A sinkhole in Florida that was created a week ago has expanded by almost eight feet. Some people who have witnessed the sink hole fear that it is going to swallow building nearby. The sinkhole has even expanded far enough to touch the edge of a nearby office building forcing those in it to leave quickly. Sinkholes are created partially submerged rocks crumbling and sand and debris above causing the area to sink in. These conditions are met mostly in place with a lot of water like the coast of an ocean. In conclusion the best course of action when it comes to sinkholes is to get as far away from there, massively destructive, behavior as possible.


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