How to Get Away With Murder 2:6

This week on How To Get Away With Murder the case of the week was a transvestite who killed her abusive husband. Wes is still investigating Rebecca disappearance which led to a great scene between Annalisa and Wes where they agreed not have any more secrets with one another. Asher made the decision not to testify so long as his secret was protected. This made for some great drama especially when Annalisa decided the best way to protect Asher was to investigate Asher’s father. I look forward to next week when Asher confronts Annalisa for it. My favorite scene of the episode was when Frank took Laurel to his house for dinner. I liked seeing them as a couple as opposed to sex buddies which has been their relationship up until this episode. The end of the show had magnificent twists. The flash forwards show Catherine being drugged and placed in the woods by Frank. The finale scenes also show Conner and his boyfriend Oliver being watched on a web camera by a mysterious stranger.


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