Apple T.V. Coming Soon

After creating the Apple Watch many people like are me wonder what is Apple’s next project? Well wonder no more because an upgraded T.V. created by Apple is on its way. I know Apple T.V. have existed for three years but this upgrade is worth talking about. The billion dollar question is this something most people really need? My article will address these questions so any consumer can decide for themselves.

There are many benefits to this product one of the biggest is that the remote is very easy to use and the automated voice make searching for what you want to watch a breeze. Most people have heard of one device or another like Apple T.V. for example the Amazon Fire Stick. The thing that makes Apple T.V., better than devices like it is that it uses a touch pad when searching. Devices like Amazon Fire Sticks use a cursor so the remote works like a computer’s mouse pad. If you’re the type of person who swears by Apple products then this might be the T.V. for you.

The downside to this product is that it is more expensive than similar products like it for example Roku. The other thing is due to issues between Apple and Amazon there is no app on Apple T.V. for Amazon meaning shows like The Man in High Castle are not available. Going further there are few video streaming sites in Apple T.V. aside from ITunes. Those are the facts the decision whether to buy this product or not are up to the consumers.


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