Changes Rolling onto Wal-Mart

A news story came out that mentioned two big changes Wal-Mart is making to its’ stores. As someone previously employed by Wal-Mart I found the article had some interesting points and the new changes could be extremely beneficial to their employee’s and the consumers. The first change is that in order to make choosing between different brands of a product less of a hassle the Wal-Mart supercenters are going to limit the number of products they sells. For example some food items like Ketchup will come in only two sizes instead of the multiple sizes available now. The other change Wal-Mart is making is a visual one. The company has decied put all shelves a foot closer to the ground so that when a customer walks into Wal-Mart the can look at the entire store. This change however will cause several of the checkout isle products like candy to be gone. Wal-Mart needs to change its’ ways to make up for the money it is currently losing. The company until recently has been keeping itself afloat by paying it’s employee’s very little and striking deals with the vendors for the lowest priced products. Wal-Mart is now working on gaining more employees by offering higher salaries.


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