Review of Most Likely to Succeed

Mostly Likely to Succeed is the third book of a trilogy called the superlatives. It features a girl named Kaye and the pelican mascot Sawyer. Kaye is already familiar to readers of the series as part of a trio of friends that were featured in the last two books. Sawyer is a friend of all the girls and mentioned in the previous books as well. Kaye and Sawyer are named the perfect couple that never was in the yearbook however, only a few people know this due to the fact the yearbook people who counted the votes have already announced different winners due to a miscount. After Kaye boyfriend Aidan dumps her Kaye begins to get closer to the school bad boy Sawyer than she ever thought. Kaye home life was what really made the book for me. A large part of me kept reading just to see what her crazy mother would do next. Sawyer and Kaye’s relationship bounced back and forth a lot due to the fact both Kaye and Sawyer were insecure people who could get easily offended. I wish Kaye father and brother had more of a voice in the book. Kaye’s father and brother seemed to only exist to support Kaye’s mother and had very few opinions of their own. I would recommend this book to people who like romance stories.


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