Ohio prolongs death until 2017

On October 19 Ohio states that there will be no executions until 2017 at least. Ohio made this decision based upon the fact that the drugs required for the exactions are becoming hard to obtain. The state of Ohio has not had an execution since January of 2014 and eleven are currently scheduled for 2016. Earlier this month Oklahoma stated that they were being forced to delay executions as well. Most states that have the death penalty are struggling to find the chemicals used in lethal injections, since a store that sold them stopped due to an ethical change of heart. There is a law in Ohio that states no one is allowed to know the names of the pharmacies that provide chemicals for lethal injections, so the pharmacies can decide for themselves to provide the chemicals without worrying about being judge for it. Ohio was forced at one point to find their own mix of chemicals for a lethal injection but they stopped


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