Ecotourism Bad for Animals

Ecotourism is the act of letting humans into the animal’s natural environment as opposed to zoo’s that let people interact with animals in captivity. Charles Darwin has proven however that ecotourism is hazardous to animals. Charles Darwin was a biologist before the term was even invented. Darwin went all over the world writing observation about the different exotic animals he saw as he traveled. His observations gave us several proven theories on the relationships between people and animals. The most well known is theory of evolution. The theory of evolution states that all living organisms or living things evolved or developed from weaker organism over time. The theory that is most relevant to the topic of ecotourism is the creation of ecosystem.

Ecosystems are the people or things each living organism is born into. People’s ecosystems consist of their climate food, water, neighbors, friends, excreta. When something changes in an ecosystem it changes whatever is living in it drastically. One example of this in history is when Columbus discovered the new world. After Columbus and his crew built homes in the new world the Indians that were living there before Columbus arrived began to fall ill. Columbus and his companions had brought with them dieses. People in Columbus ecosystem had built up a resistance to these dieses after be around them all their lives. Indians had never been around those dieses before and began to die one by one.

I am not saying people are bringing dieses to the animal’s environment but their presence could encourage the animals they are seeing not to fear them. This would draw the animals being visited to move closer to humans who could find them intimidating. Darwinism and history prove that people should leave animal natural habitats alone and stick to zoo.


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