Cyberstorm a temporary apocalypse

I just got done reading a book called Cyberstorm. Cyberstorm is a book about a series of events that shutdown all electronic devices for about a month. The story was interesting but I had trouble following it in places. There was quite a bit of technical information involving satellites that was beyond me. The characters were great though; my two favorites were Chuck and Damon. Chuck was basically the Darryl Dixon of Cyberstorm he had stockpiled supplies for months including a generator. This event occurs during a blizzard so it is very helpful. He also shares his supplies with those close to him including the main character. Damon is a scary smart and ends up creating a new system for people to communicate with once the internet goes down. The network becomes increasingly useful when people start dying and the begins to be the only way to offer their loved ones confront. The network gives those people closer.

The end of the book invoked an anger in me cause by the actions of the main character. Generally before I purchase a book I go to a website called Goodreads that gives me reviews of different books. One of these reviews portrayed the main character as a irritating person, and it took me to the end of the book to find out why. The main character actions in the end came very close to disaster. The main character named Rick decided to go to Washington D.C. for help. Rick sees the Chinese and comes to the conclusion the US has been invaded and high tails it out of there. He never tries to find out anything more he just sees the Chinese camped at Washington and that’s it. I was screaming you idiot the Chinese could be collaborating with the U.S. which they were. Only instead of trying to find out what happened. He lets his prejudices get the better of him. If it was me and I knew people were counting on me I would put my own hang-ups aside and try to do what is best for them. Damon eventually rescues them thank god. I just could not get past how selfish Rick was toward the end


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