Vampire Diaries season 7 episode 1

The first thing the show goes to is three years after Elena is in the coma. We see Stefan attempting to wake Damon up from a coffin by pouring blood into his mouth. The show then goes back to a few days after Elena is put into the coma. The show decided to parallel the first season by reintroducing the characters narrating from their diaries. Before Elena went into her coma she asked the others to record what she misses through journals or diaries so she can get caught up once she returns. Caroline writes that Damon has decided to take Alaric on a drinking bender all over the world to help him heal from losing his wife and children. Bonnie taking comfort in being near a piece of Elena goes with them. It is revealed that Alaric with a hidden agenda had been sober the entire trip. Alaric has been trying to locate a stone that will allow him to resurrect his wife.

The heretics Lily unleashed in last season are introduced. Lily wants to form a peaceful coexistence with the other citizens of Mystic Falls, but the Heretics being so angry at Stefan after he blows up their house with a bomb rebel against everyone by wage an attack during a police deputizing ceremony. Stefan decides the best course of actions is to form a truce with Lily. Stefan and Lily agree for all Mystic Fall citizens to move out and anyone who trespasses is left to the Heretic’s. Damon and Bonnie break that truce quickly by killing one of the Heretics.

The show ends by flashing forward 3 years again. Damon wakes up and gets mad at Stefan for waking him up before Elena is awake. Stefan could care less and then an unknown person shoots arrows at Damon’s coffin. Damon mentions something about it being her again and the show ends. I think the her being referred to is Alaric wife. Who do you think was attacking Damon and Stefan?


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