Will Windows 10 Continuum Change the World?

The first question I will answer about Windows 10 Continuum is what electronic devices does it work on? The answer is Microsoft’s line of Window’s 10 phones. The next question that should be on everyone’s mind though is what does Windows 10 Continuum do? The answer is that it converts an average cell phone into full fledge computer. The only difference is that this computer is portable enough to fit in the average pocket. All the apps and documents on a phone with Windows 10 Continuum expand to the size they are on an average computer. The apps and doc can also be click upon much like people do with a mouse on regular computers. The product cost about one hundred dollars and has its draw backs like any other product. One big drawback that both the computer and phone have to be Windows 10. One other drawback is that apps from a window store are usually not compatible with Windows 10 Continuum. The outcome is complete up to the consumers. I personally think with laptops there is really no need for such a device. What do the rest of your readers think?


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