The End Of a Millennium

I am currently about 300 pages into The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest by Steig Larsson. This book is the finial book of a trilogy by this author. After writing the third book he passed away unable to write more. The series is being continued by another author, but I have my doubts on whether or not he will have the same vision the original author did for these characters.

Most people know the story Lisbeth Salander pretty well after reading the first two booka so I am just going to jump right in. This book starts right where the last one left off. Salander is shot and in the hospital. Salander awaits arrest for attacking her father once she awakes. Blomkvist after seeing Salander hurt begins to focus on ways he can help take down the people who harmed her. The way he does this by making sure the world knows how, she uncovered a conspiracy and was placed in a mental institution to shut her up. Salander awaits arrest for attacking her father due to his pressing charges

The parts I have read so far show the characters dividing into two camps, those who want to cover their butts, and those who want to help Salander. The characters wanting to cover their butts are doing everything in their power to get Salander institutionalized again. The characters wanting to help Salander are coming together to form their plan of attack.


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