Cops banned from Dunkin’ Donuts

As any comic will tell you cops and doughnuts go handed in hand but sadly a confrontations at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Hartford Connecticut changed that. A police officer waiting in line was told by the cashier that “We don’t serve cops here.” The owners see the employer’s behavior as lacking an extreme amount of judgment and asked for the police officer to forgive their establishment for their employee’s mistake. Different restaurants in other states like a Whataburger in Texas are boycotting law enforcement as well.

A group of people called the Fraternal Order of Police and another group called Black Lives Matter views these incidents differently. The groups even used the Dunkin’ Donuts employee’s statement as their slogan. These groups are activists who are fueled by several things. One of which is an analysis in 2014 that showed a young black man 21 times more likely than a  young white man to die by a police officer. Ranging from 2010 to 2012 all teens shot by police except for one were black. The most madding was that 77 percent of the lethal police shootings involving blacks occurred under unknown circumstances. Efforts are being taken to improve relations between minorities and police officers.Towns from San Francisco all the way to Baltimore are encouraging officers to form partnerships with youth groups for both sides to learn how to collaborate.


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