Hope for Heroes

First, I would like to apologize for not updating yesterday. My family took my four year old niece to Disney on Ice and I didn’t get back early enough      to update. My plan is to review a T.V. Show today and tomorrow I will write about the art or music related news I promised.

I am going to write about Heroes Reborn episode two. The last episode was mostly used to introduce characters and reunite us with some familiar faces like Claire’s dad. This week’s episode however was a little different it started connecting storylines together. One example of this happened when Hiro’s daughter ended up in the same company responsible for abducting Molly and building a machine to target Evo’s.

The weak spot of the episode for me was the high school student evo. I think they made him way too immature for someone who has had powers for some time. He should understand the fact that he has to take precautions for his own safety. Last week he mentioned a few of being captured so it makes no sense to do something that would cause him to be caught. The bright spot was when it was revealed that one of the people hunting evo’s is an evo himself. I feel like making that guy an evo will make him a more sympathetic and human character. I also can’t wait to see what his wife does when she realizes that her husband has become the one thing she hates the most.

The fact that Heroes Reborn is trying this early to connect storylines gives me hope about where the show is headed. I think the fact that the reboot is trying to tie stories together, while the first season still had unconnected stories like the Nikki/Jessica things well into the second season. This decision shows a desire to improve on the plot from the original show. I fully intend to keep watching to see if that is true


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