Chicago Shootings Cause Rahm Emanuel to Voice Thoughts On Gun Control

This weekend four Chicago citizens meet the grim reaper. fifty two other citizens were wounded in one form or another. These fifty six people were victims of random shootings that occurred in Chicago throughout the weekend. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel sees this accident as proof that Chicago need to put stricter laws on gun control. Taking into account the fact that shootings in Chicago have increased by 400 since the same time last year, I can almost see where he is coming from.

I do not agree, however I view guns as a tool for self defense. I think guns defend people from violent situations who might not be able to defend themselves. Suppose a looter with a gun walked into your house and attacked you. If he could not be overpowered a gun might be that person’s only line of defense. What I think is that the neighborhoods with the most shootings need to be patrolled more so the authorities can defuse the situation before they escalate into shootings. I also think a curfew needs to be enforced until the shootings stop or the number of incidents goes down. I feel that would go a long way towards protecting citizens from unsafe situations. What do you the reader think needs to be done to improve the shootings in Chicago.


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