How to Get Away With Murder 2:6

This week on How To Get Away With Murder the case of the week was a transvestite who killed her abusive husband. Wes is still investigating Rebecca disappearance which led to a great scene between Annalisa and Wes where they agreed not have any more secrets with one another. Asher made the decision not to testify so long as his secret was protected. This made for some great drama especially when Annalisa decided the best way to protect Asher was to investigate Asher’s father. I look forward to next week when Asher confronts Annalisa for it. My favorite scene of the episode was when Frank took Laurel to his house for dinner. I liked seeing them as a couple as opposed to sex buddies which has been their relationship up until this episode. The end of the show had magnificent twists. The flash forwards show Catherine being drugged and placed in the woods by Frank. The finale scenes also show Conner and his boyfriend Oliver being watched on a web camera by a mysterious stranger.


Apple T.V. Coming Soon

After creating the Apple Watch many people like are me wonder what is Apple’s next project? Well wonder no more because an upgraded T.V. created by Apple is on its way. I know Apple T.V. have existed for three years but this upgrade is worth talking about. The billion dollar question is this something most people really need? My article will address these questions so any consumer can decide for themselves.

There are many benefits to this product one of the biggest is that the remote is very easy to use and the automated voice make searching for what you want to watch a breeze. Most people have heard of one device or another like Apple T.V. for example the Amazon Fire Stick. The thing that makes Apple T.V., better than devices like it is that it uses a touch pad when searching. Devices like Amazon Fire Sticks use a cursor so the remote works like a computer’s mouse pad. If you’re the type of person who swears by Apple products then this might be the T.V. for you.

The downside to this product is that it is more expensive than similar products like it for example Roku. The other thing is due to issues between Apple and Amazon there is no app on Apple T.V. for Amazon meaning shows like The Man in High Castle are not available. Going further there are few video streaming sites in Apple T.V. aside from ITunes. Those are the facts the decision whether to buy this product or not are up to the consumers.

Changes Rolling onto Wal-Mart

A news story came out that mentioned two big changes Wal-Mart is making to its’ stores. As someone previously employed by Wal-Mart I found the article had some interesting points and the new changes could be extremely beneficial to their employee’s and the consumers. The first change is that in order to make choosing between different brands of a product less of a hassle the Wal-Mart supercenters are going to limit the number of products they sells. For example some food items like Ketchup will come in only two sizes instead of the multiple sizes available now. The other change Wal-Mart is making is a visual one. The company has decied put all shelves a foot closer to the ground so that when a customer walks into Wal-Mart the can look at the entire store. This change however will cause several of the checkout isle products like candy to be gone. Wal-Mart needs to change its’ ways to make up for the money it is currently losing. The company until recently has been keeping itself afloat by paying it’s employee’s very little and striking deals with the vendors for the lowest priced products. Wal-Mart is now working on gaining more employees by offering higher salaries.

Review of Most Likely to Succeed

Mostly Likely to Succeed is the third book of a trilogy called the superlatives. It features a girl named Kaye and the pelican mascot Sawyer. Kaye is already familiar to readers of the series as part of a trio of friends that were featured in the last two books. Sawyer is a friend of all the girls and mentioned in the previous books as well. Kaye and Sawyer are named the perfect couple that never was in the yearbook however, only a few people know this due to the fact the yearbook people who counted the votes have already announced different winners due to a miscount. After Kaye boyfriend Aidan dumps her Kaye begins to get closer to the school bad boy Sawyer than she ever thought. Kaye home life was what really made the book for me. A large part of me kept reading just to see what her crazy mother would do next. Sawyer and Kaye’s relationship bounced back and forth a lot due to the fact both Kaye and Sawyer were insecure people who could get easily offended. I wish Kaye father and brother had more of a voice in the book. Kaye’s father and brother seemed to only exist to support Kaye’s mother and had very few opinions of their own. I would recommend this book to people who like romance stories.

Ohio prolongs death until 2017

On October 19 Ohio states that there will be no executions until 2017 at least. Ohio made this decision based upon the fact that the drugs required for the exactions are becoming hard to obtain. The state of Ohio has not had an execution since January of 2014 and eleven are currently scheduled for 2016. Earlier this month Oklahoma stated that they were being forced to delay executions as well. Most states that have the death penalty are struggling to find the chemicals used in lethal injections, since a store that sold them stopped due to an ethical change of heart. There is a law in Ohio that states no one is allowed to know the names of the pharmacies that provide chemicals for lethal injections, so the pharmacies can decide for themselves to provide the chemicals without worrying about being judge for it. Ohio was forced at one point to find their own mix of chemicals for a lethal injection but they stopped

Psycho bullies 

This week on How To Get Away With  Murder the one thing driving all the plots was how bullies work. The Keating five worked to prove that their client did not murder her best friend and two other girls bullied her into it. Conner proved that Annalise was psychological bullying them as well. The flashback even showed how cliques can gang up on a member with no probable cause. I am curious next week to learn the role the twins play in what’s happening to Annalise.

Ecotourism Bad for Animals

Ecotourism is the act of letting humans into the animal’s natural environment as opposed to zoo’s that let people interact with animals in captivity. Charles Darwin has proven however that ecotourism is hazardous to animals. Charles Darwin was a biologist before the term was even invented. Darwin went all over the world writing observation about the different exotic animals he saw as he traveled. His observations gave us several proven theories on the relationships between people and animals. The most well known is theory of evolution. The theory of evolution states that all living organisms or living things evolved or developed from weaker organism over time. The theory that is most relevant to the topic of ecotourism is the creation of ecosystem.

Ecosystems are the people or things each living organism is born into. People’s ecosystems consist of their climate food, water, neighbors, friends, excreta. When something changes in an ecosystem it changes whatever is living in it drastically. One example of this in history is when Columbus discovered the new world. After Columbus and his crew built homes in the new world the Indians that were living there before Columbus arrived began to fall ill. Columbus and his companions had brought with them dieses. People in Columbus ecosystem had built up a resistance to these dieses after be around them all their lives. Indians had never been around those dieses before and began to die one by one.

I am not saying people are bringing dieses to the animal’s environment but their presence could encourage the animals they are seeing not to fear them. This would draw the animals being visited to move closer to humans who could find them intimidating. Darwinism and history prove that people should leave animal natural habitats alone and stick to zoo.