The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl

I purchased a lot of paperback books back in July my favorite of them was The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl . The story is as steam punk meaning the book is science fiction but has the same rules as a Victorian Society. The main character Lady Marguerite wants to began a relationship with her best friend Claude who works for her father.The obvious class distinction, however causes grief for them both. Claude decides to move away and make a fresh start. After a party when an airship captain named Jacques is introduced, Lady Marguerite decides to go to New France where woman are treated as equals to find Claude. Due to an unexpected twist of fate, the airship Lady Marguerite escapes on is piloted by Jacques.

This stories’ main couple I won’t say who have so much passion and fire their interactions sizzle off the page. I have not been this captivated by a couple since reading The Candidates and reading about Dancia Lewis and a guy named Jack. Thankfully the ending to this story ends up a lot happier than The Candidates. I think anyone and everyone should read this book to see what a healthy relationship Between YA book couples is supposed to be like. I should also mention this book is a standalone not part of a series so The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl is only one book.


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