“How to Get Away with Murder “season 2 episode one

Before I get started I want to make something very clear while I have blogged about many things, a TV.show is not one of them, so I hope anyone who reads this is patient with me until I can find my rhythm. The episode begins with Annalisa and Frank discussing who killed Rebecca .Frank suspects Wes but Annalisa advocates for him saying that Frank has no proof even after seeing Wes exhibit some very destructive behavior. We later learn that Bonnie “Annalisa ‘s assistant” is the one who killed Rebecca.“How to Get Away With Murder” not only cleared up one of last season’s mysteries, but also left some mysteries from last season for the show to continue to solve. One example of this is when an intern of Annalisa, Mikalya begins to search for Eggs the last person Rebecca texted for help before her death last season. Some new element were added to the show as well, such as a new case that Annalisa took involving adopted twins who are being accused of murdering their parents.The male twin especially looks suspicious toward the end of the episode when he returned from a jog shortly after their cruel aunt was killed after testifying against them in court. One of the most surprising scenes was close to the end of the episode where it showed one of Annalisa students Wes running away from a random house.While Annalisa was in the same house, lying on the floor, covered in blood, and struggling to breath. I am anxious to see what takes place the rest of the season, particularly what happens to Annalisa.


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