The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl

I purchased a lot of paperback books back in July my favorite of them was The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl . The story is as steam punk meaning the book is science fiction but has the same rules as a Victorian Society. The main character Lady Marguerite wants to began a relationship with her best friend Claude who works for her father.The obvious class distinction, however causes grief for them both. Claude decides to move away and make a fresh start. After a party when an airship captain named Jacques is introduced, Lady Marguerite decides to go to New France where woman are treated as equals to find Claude. Due to an unexpected twist of fate, the airship Lady Marguerite escapes on is piloted by Jacques.

This stories’ main couple I won’t say who have so much passion and fire their interactions sizzle off the page. I have not been this captivated by a couple since reading The Candidates and reading about Dancia Lewis and a guy named Jack. Thankfully the ending to this story ends up a lot happier than The Candidates. I think anyone and everyone should read this book to see what a healthy relationship Between YA book couples is supposed to be like. I should also mention this book is a standalone not part of a series so The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl is only one book.


Fear and Outer space

Today was a monumental day for anyone interested in space exploration. NASA discovered that Mars has flowing water located on its’ surface, however it is not significance proof that any life can be sustained  on Mars. This conclusion was made when it was discovered that the water found on Mars was not drinkable.

Outer space and the mysteries surrounding it have long since carved a deep fear into our hearts that humans are not the only intelligent species in the universe. One of the biggest example of this was a radio program War Of the Worlds. War Of the Worlds was a science fiction story about aliens invading earth and taking over the world. Unfortunately, most people listing had no idea it was a story made up for a radio program and took it seriously. All the people listing became so afraid that they began to panic and made rash decisions. One man killed his family so the aliens couldn’t hurt them and then killed himself.

I think part of the fear we have about Outer Space symbolizes humanity’s fear that there might be a species out there capable of manipulating us. I also think Outer space represent the unknown to us since so much is still unknown about it and that terrifies us.  Thoughts?

Blog update

i have decided to expand my blog post the schedule will be as followed Monday, a story currently in the news Tuesday, a book  I am currently reading, Wensday, an opinion piece on a news story related to science or technology Thursday, a review to a tv show or movie and finally Friday music or art related news.

“How to Get Away with Murder “season 2 episode one

Before I get started I want to make something very clear while I have blogged about many things, a is not one of them, so I hope anyone who reads this is patient with me until I can find my rhythm. The episode begins with Annalisa and Frank discussing who killed Rebecca .Frank suspects Wes but Annalisa advocates for him saying that Frank has no proof even after seeing Wes exhibit some very destructive behavior. We later learn that Bonnie “Annalisa ‘s assistant” is the one who killed Rebecca.“How to Get Away With Murder” not only cleared up one of last season’s mysteries, but also left some mysteries from last season for the show to continue to solve. One example of this is when an intern of Annalisa, Mikalya begins to search for Eggs the last person Rebecca texted for help before her death last season. Some new element were added to the show as well, such as a new case that Annalisa took involving adopted twins who are being accused of murdering their parents.The male twin especially looks suspicious toward the end of the episode when he returned from a jog shortly after their cruel aunt was killed after testifying against them in court. One of the most surprising scenes was close to the end of the episode where it showed one of Annalisa students Wes running away from a random house.While Annalisa was in the same house, lying on the floor, covered in blood, and struggling to breath. I am anxious to see what takes place the rest of the season, particularly what happens to Annalisa.