5 characters I wish I could drown

1. Hermonie Granger I never really liked her lack of people skills. I feel like so many people focus on her intellect that they forgot how short tempered and narrow minded she can be.                                                2. Izzie from mates dates and inflatable bra’s she never looked at anyone perspective in the series but her own.                                                     3. Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars series. Emily always talks down to Hanna and always makes jokes at her expense. The other girls do sometimes too but they have also shown that they have Hanna’s back at some point during the series unlike Emily.                 
4. Susie Caramicial from rugrats she was just as competive as Angelica but she never had moments of compassion towards Angelica like Angelica did when she helped Susie use her easy bake oven to make doorstoppers or make an apologize card after breaking her bike. 
5. Rogue from x men  I am from Oklahoma and am disgusted by her accent how she got the lead on true blood with that poor excuse for southern drawl is beyond me.