Possess by Gretchen McNeil

I would like to state the most important thing Possess did for me first and foremost. This book did what I thought was impossible. Possess renewed my faith that angels have a place in YA literature. Possess is about a girl named Bridget Liu who after her father death learns that she, and her brother Sammy, are a race of fallen angels capable of exercising demons. Possess grabbed me right from the beginning. The Liu family trying to piece themselves back together after Bridget’s father was murder is heartbreaking to read. I have been unable to enjoy ever since I read a kindle book about them that was so horrible I didn’t think I would ever enjoy reading about them again. As much I loved this book I do have one complaint at times it felt like this book was trying to cram too much into the story. The love interest could have waited for the sequal and the relationship between Bridget and her mother deserves to be expanded. The greatest part of the book was the possessions. The exorcisms created situations that were general creepy even before the exorcisms began like a porcelain doll shop being haunted or babysitting two young boys and hearing frightening noises upstairs that can’t be explained. I would recommend this to people who like YA paranormal and looking for a good scare. I am now reading Kings And Queens and Hush Money.