Review of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall is the story of a witched named Sophie who is sentenced their after a love spell she casts goes horrible wrong. After her roommate Jenna, a vampire, is suspected of a series of attempted murders Sophie sets out to find the real killer. Hex Hall is IMO a more improved version of Hogwarts.I feel it is an improvement for several reasons. The students are made up of different magical creatures Fairies, Shapeshifters, and not just witches. The biggest improvement for me though was the characters. One of the things that I hated about Harry was the fact that he never formed his own opinions and was strictly a Dumbledor ‘s man. Harry viewed everything the headmaster said as law and never questioned what he himself thought or wanted. Hermione was a bully who used her slightly above average intelligence to force her opinions down people throats for example S.P.E.W. did she consider what the house themselves wanted? No she assumed she knew what was best for them based on how she was used to things working. She also refused to even consider different ideas from her own. Did she ever ask herself how the purebloods viewed muggles to gain better understanding. No she just called them prejudice which is the same thing the purebloods did to her minus the racial name calling. Sophie asked people to explain about her dad when they said things she didn’t know Sophie stuck by Jenna never pushing her for answers she didn’t want to give when she was being blamed for the attacks. The book’s villain Elodie has moments of vulnerability where you actually think she is a good person deep down. The other antagonist Alice was created by circumstance and suffered a lot cause of it. I would recommend this book to people who were slightly dissatisfied with Hogwarts or who like books with paranormal elements.


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