Review of The Devouring by Simon Holt

I bought this book expecting to get a good scare for Halloween sadly that did not happen. The Devouring is basically a b rated horror movie plot. A girl Regina and her friend Erin take a mysterious journal from the book store where Regina or Reggie works. The Journal gives instructions on how to summon these creatures called the Vous that feed off people’s fear and take over their bodies. They try the ritual the journal describes to summon the creatures for fun. The creatures are summoned however they find a better host in Reggie’s younger brother Henry. Reggie realizes after several events that the Vous took over her brothers and begins a journey to Henry’s mindscape to get him back. You have your basic horror movie elements reckless people messing with things they shouldn’t an innocent person paying for their mistakes and a main character desperate to make up for her previous actions. I could handle all that if the book focused a lot on Henry his disturbing behavior,but the main focus is learning more about Vous. None of Henry’s behavior is learned about until after it happens. I think the main problem with this book is that it was not written in active voice which takes a lot of the suspense out of it. The book needs to show Henry’s behavior shocking Reggie and affecting her, doing that would make the book much stronger. The plot and passive voice stops me from recommending this book to anybody. On Saturday I will review Unsouled and Cruel Beauty.


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