Review Of Call Me Rapunzel and Bloodlines by Kate Cary

Call Me Rapunzel is a fairytale retelling of you guessed it Rapunzel. At times Rapunzel acted too damsel in distressed for my liking. In this version Rapunzel is a beautiful young girl about to be married until a witch who coverts her hair curses Rapunzel to become immortal. After some time Rapunzal begins to get to know the town locals which angers the witch immensely. I liked the fact that this fairy tale retelling deals with things like indoor plumbing and the internet. There is another surprise twist in this book that I don’t want to spoil for anyone. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in fairytale retellings. Bloodlines was a pleasant surprise for me. I picked this book expected a story modern day vampires. Instead I got a story about vampires during World War I. This story is told from four people journals Mary, John Lucy and Quincey Harker. After John has a mission with Harker John ends up in the hospital and his journal contains an alarming tale following Harker who later begins to become infatuated with John sister Lucy. I loved the Lucy and Harker the best. I know other people would consider Lucy’s actions in the end weak but I think they make her the strongest character. Lucy decided to make sure she took her own life into no one’s hands but her own. John I feel was the weakest and gave in to temptation without a fight. Harker was hit by Lucy actions the hardest and did the best he could to make things right by her. I hope to see more of that growth from him in the next novel. I would recommend Bloodlines for anyone who wants violent bloodsucking vampires as opposed to emo sparkly ones. I am now reading Misbehaving, Cages and Unsouled


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