Review Of Jellicoe Road

This review will be shorter than most of my other reviews, not because I disliked but because this story so much that I cannot do it justice. I encourage anyone who believes that a YA or Young Adult book is not capable of having the depth of adult books to pick up Jellicoe Road immediately. I also encourage anyone who has not read this to start it as soon as possible. This book is about a girl named Taylor who is desperate to find out about her mother after being abandoned by her on the Jellicoe road. Taylor lives at the academy for gifted students in a school near the Jellicoe road and is forced to question life after her dorm mother, Hannah mysteriously disappears. I would like to conclude by saying this book is about life and speaks volumes about the journey to adulthood. I am currently read Mila 2.0, Vincent Brothers sequel to Vincent Boys and Call Me Rapunzel


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