Review of Quarantine by Lex Thomas

Quarantine is about a high school much like any other until the day a kid with a deadly illness sneaks into the high school to hide from the lab that made him their personal lab rat. Unfortunately this illness is contagious and every kid in the high school becomes contaminated. The disease also kills any adult the kids come in contact with. The government receives all this information and decides to quarantine the contaminated school until the students become adults, and the virus leaves their system. Once the virus leaves their system the student is allowed to graduate and leave the school. The way to get enough food to thrive is to form a group and work together which all students do. The groups are Varsity which consists of athletes, Pretty Girl who are Varsity’s girlfriends, Sluts an all female group with a violent streak, Geek or good students Freaks or artistically inclined people like artist and poets and finally skaters who board. Some students do not fit into any group like David and his brother Will. David is content with what they have until circumstances force him to lead a new group called the Loners. The book cuts no corner on how people in extreme situations acts including violent outburst like stabbing someone’s eye or attempted rape from other students. The book ends on a hopeful note and I would recommend it to mature readers due to the acts of violence committed by some characters and people who like to read books about people who survive in extreme conditions. I plan to finish Jellicoe Road next week and review that.


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