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Review of Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza and Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

Mila 2.0 was an action YA about a young girl who after an accident discovers she learns she is a machine and not a human. I found this book very action packed especially after she was captured by the military and was forced to participate in various test to prove that she didn’t deserve to be terminated for showing emotions. I felt the ending was way too bleak due to the fact that Mila allies who knew anything about the military organization after her is dead. That is really going to make a sequal difficult due to the fact that she is going to have no allies left to give her trust worthy information. I would recommend this book to action lovers. Vincent Brothers was a sequal to Vincent Boys which I review recently. I am a huge Abbi Glines fan and I have read most books of The Vincent Boys series. I feel this book is the weakest due to the unrealistic actions of the heroine Lana. Lana has known she has been in love with Sawyer since they were kids. Who in the world knows what love is when they are a kid? Lana also has had no relationships with anyone until she begins to date Sawyer. Lana believes in a relationship that I feel is a basic crush enough to close herself off to any other relationship which is completely unhealthy. I wish the novel had focused more on Lana discovering who she was and becoming more confident with herself instead of being with Sawyer it would have made the book much stronger. I would recommend this book to hardcore romantics who can suspend what they believe about love. I am currently reading Call Me Rapunzel Bloodlines and a book describing essential herbs for healing.

Review Of Jellicoe Road

This review will be shorter than most of my other reviews, not because I disliked but because this story so much that I cannot do it justice. I encourage anyone who believes that a YA or Young Adult book is not capable of having the depth of adult books to pick up Jellicoe Road immediately. I also encourage anyone who has not read this to start it as soon as possible. This book is about a girl named Taylor who is desperate to find out about her mother after being abandoned by her on the Jellicoe road. Taylor lives at the academy for gifted students in a school near the Jellicoe road and is forced to question life after her dorm mother, Hannah mysteriously disappears. I would like to conclude by saying this book is about life and speaks volumes about the journey to adulthood. I am currently read Mila 2.0, Vincent Brothers sequel to Vincent Boys and Call Me Rapunzel

Review of Quarantine by Lex Thomas

Quarantine is about a high school much like any other until the day a kid with a deadly illness sneaks into the high school to hide from the lab that made him their personal lab rat. Unfortunately this illness is contagious and every kid in the high school becomes contaminated. The disease also kills any adult the kids come in contact with. The government receives all this information and decides to quarantine the contaminated school until the students become adults, and the virus leaves their system. Once the virus leaves their system the student is allowed to graduate and leave the school. The way to get enough food to thrive is to form a group and work together which all students do. The groups are Varsity which consists of athletes, Pretty Girl who are Varsity’s girlfriends, Sluts an all female group with a violent streak, Geek or good students Freaks or artistically inclined people like artist and poets and finally skaters who board. Some students do not fit into any group like David and his brother Will. David is content with what they have until circumstances force him to lead a new group called the Loners. The book cuts no corner on how people in extreme situations acts including violent outburst like stabbing someone’s eye or attempted rape from other students. The book ends on a hopeful note and I would recommend it to mature readers due to the acts of violence committed by some characters and people who like to read books about people who survive in extreme conditions. I plan to finish Jellicoe Road next week and review that.

Review of Fallout, Better Than Perfect and The Vincent Boys

Fallout by S.A. Bodeen is a sequel to a book titled The Compound. The Fallout shows the aftermath of the family who escaped from The Compound, created by the father of the family. The Fallout shows how the family is adjusting to living in the real world after the events and answers the question are our actions a product of our genetics or do we chose our own actions with our own free will. I would recommend this book to anyone with issues about their family and how to adjust to life changing events. The next book was Better Than Perfect by Simone Elkeles the author of The Perfect Chemistry series. The book is much like all the author’s other work meaning a contemporary love story. The main characters in Better Than Perfect are Derek Fitzpatrick and Ashtyn Parker. The characters are introduced to one another after Derek is expelled for pulling a prank and is forced to live with his new stepmom Brandi and her sister Ashtyn. The story was good and I enjoyed both characters but the ending was a little flat for me I want to see the family coming together more or Derek being accepted by Ashtyn’s teammates. This book is good for people familiar with this author and in need of a good romance. The Vincent Brother is a reread by another favorite author of mine Abbi Glines. The story is about a girl named Ashton funny coincidence and her two best friends since Childhood Beau and Sawyer Vincent. Sawyer and Ashton have been together for two years but when Sawyer goes away for the summer Beau and Ashton decided to rekindle their friendship and began to remember how strong their connection was in the first place. This book examines the fact that in life sometimes you feel bonds with people so strong they supersede everything else including boyfriends and family. I would recommend this book to older teens and people who feel like they have to act a certain way to be loved. Next week I will review Quarantine and Jellicoe Road.