What First Point Perspective Should Be Like

I mentioned in a review recently how first person perspective didn’t work in Half Bad due to the way the main character was written. I finished the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy called The Knife of Never Letting Go this week. The trilogy is written by Patrick Ness and is also done in first person perspective. However in this series the perspective worked a lot better. This is mostly due to the author superior writing of the main character. The main characters in both Half Bad and The Knife of Never Letting Go in the beginning are very similar in the fact that they both knew absolute nothing about the world around them and a distinct lack of education. Towards the end of the books, however they cannot be anymore different. Todd from The Knife of Never Letting Go learns more about his world and is not afraid to stop and think. The main character in Half Bad has one half baked idea that stays the same throughout the novel and he never even bothers to consider any other ideas. The Knife of Never Letting Go is about a society that is populated by only men. Most young men can hear other men’s thoughts along with animals. After hearing a strange voice Todd is forced to leave the community for his own protection. I would recommend The Knife of Never Letting Go to anyone who wants to read a dystopia about heroic dog sidekick and a hero who is not afraid to go to hell and back for those he loves.


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