Review of Starters and True Ghost Stories

Starters is written by Lissa Price and True Ghost Stories is written by Jim Harold. Starters I read the paperback version of. Starters is a dystopia where all the parents of young children are exposed to a virus and die, leaving only the elderly and the generation of kid only old enough to be their grandkids. The elderly are basically have been in control of everything every since the virus attacked. The youngest generation were not old enough to have a say in anything are basically forced into poverty. Kids younger than eighteen do have one source of income though they can rent their young healthy bodies to the elderly for money. Callie is one of those many teens who rents her body to give her and her sickly brother a better life. However things start to go wrong when Callie wakes up while her body is being rented. I know I am going to get some hate for this but I disliked The Hunger Game books. I just couldn’t get behind a heroine as cold and unemotional as Katniss was to everyone but her family. Callie situation with her brother is even worse than Katniss’s since Katniss still had her mother. Callie even though she is her brother sole provider has an optimism that Katniss lacked. When it comes down to leading ladies Callie has Katniss beat to me. True Ghost Stories is a nonfiction book I read on my kindle about true different paranormal experiences people have had from a family who bought a haunted painted to a young boy walking his dog to be meet with a pair of ominous eyes watching him in the bushes. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys nonfiction and different tales of the paranormal.


Review of Sever by Lauren Destefano

Sever is the third book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy. The book is the end of a saga about a girl named Rhine. Rhine was tricked into being abducted by a group of people who’s true intention was to select girls to be the bride of a well known wealthy man’s son. This book is a dystopia with an interesting premise. The premise is that all woman die at twenty and men at twenty five. This world impacts several decisions such as the fact that many people chose not have children to spare them from the disease, to woman as young as thirteen getting pregnant. My favorite thing is how beautiful things are described like hope and freedom. The descriptions are so vivid and beautiful that they almost seem real enough to touch. The series handles the plot and how it influences the characters decision as realistic as possible. The series also examines everyone point of view and portrays all the characters in shades of gray as opposed to black and white. I recommend this series to mature reads due to the serious issues of teen pregnancy and polygamy.

What First Point Perspective Should Be Like

I mentioned in a review recently how first person perspective didn’t work in Half Bad due to the way the main character was written. I finished the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy called The Knife of Never Letting Go this week. The trilogy is written by Patrick Ness and is also done in first person perspective. However in this series the perspective worked a lot better. This is mostly due to the author superior writing of the main character. The main characters in both Half Bad and The Knife of Never Letting Go in the beginning are very similar in the fact that they both knew absolute nothing about the world around them and a distinct lack of education. Towards the end of the books, however they cannot be anymore different. Todd from The Knife of Never Letting Go learns more about his world and is not afraid to stop and think. The main character in Half Bad has one half baked idea that stays the same throughout the novel and he never even bothers to consider any other ideas. The Knife of Never Letting Go is about a society that is populated by only men. Most young men can hear other men’s thoughts along with animals. After hearing a strange voice Todd is forced to leave the community for his own protection. I would recommend The Knife of Never Letting Go to anyone who wants to read a dystopia about heroic dog sidekick and a hero who is not afraid to go to hell and back for those he loves.

Review of The Giver and Battle Royal

This week I finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. I also managed to read the popular manga Battle Royal. Although both are dystopias they are as different as day and night.The Giver is about a young child who has spent his entire life in what he thought was an ideal society until the day he was selected to work for the Giver as the keeper of all of the community’s memory. After working for the giver the boy learns many hard truths about his town and the people in it and begins a journey to change everyone’s life forever. The world of The Giver is one without any emotion or free will. Love has been reduced to a scientific, practical term and every decision you make from your job to the person you marry is determined for you by a committee. Hopefully the decision The Giver and the boy make change society for the better.

Battle Royal takes place in a society where every year the Japanese government selects a class for a reality show and uses the profits for the rest of Japan. I know what you are thinking that sounds like a good thing right? Wrong the class in the reality show is always a group of junior high students. The students are taken into a random location and forced to where collars that shock people if no one kills anyone or if the remaining people refuse to kill each other. They have to keep killing till only one person is left. The class selected had about 25 students and three students’ team up together to survive. Almost all the class members had known each other for awhile so they manga portrays the different students and their friendships. My favorite male was the one who attempted to blow up the room the government people were in and escape. My favorite female was the blond childhood best friend of the judo master. I wish we got to see more of her. Word of caution the death get pretty graphic and there is a lot of sexual content so don’t read without a strong stomach. Final note I would like to review another manga for next week any suggestions?