My Last Several Weeks

First I need to admit I went into a slight reading slump for two books,  I have read Bitterblue and Half-Bad. Bitterblue’s story dragged on and on for me. The only reason was so determined to finish the book was due to my love for Graceling the book just did not grab my attention at all. Half-Bad started out great but went downhill for me after the first hundred pages. I loved reading about the main character’s family and how he related to them. The book’s main flaw for me was the viewpoint. The book was written in first perspective which created problems. The protagonist had very little knowledge about the antagonist in this book so we learned barely anything new once he left home. The main character is also a very simplistic person so he lacks the curiosity necessary to drive the story forward. I will not continue this series due to the main character lack of caring about pretty much anything “including finding answer or fighting the antagonist”. The next two books I read were the first four books in the dark secrets series which I enjoyed but they got very repetitive. I have spent last weekend preparing for The Giver movie by reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowery, and I am one hundred pages in. Next week I plan to give this terrific book the review it deserves


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