Review of Compound by S.A. Gooden

The book Compound asks the question is living life with regrets worth living? The book’s main character Eli and his family have spent six years living in an underground compound built by Eli father after hearing reports about a nuclear attack but not everything is perfect Eli’s brother and grandmother do not make it to the compound before the doors close and are presumed dead. Eli feels the loss of his brother every day and wants to leave the compound’s safety to be with him so Eli regrets his brother being gone so much that he feels life in the safety of the compound is not worth living.Eli father actions are driven by the regret that he could not spend more time with his family so he cherishes his time in the compound to the extreme. After reading the book the answer to the question for me is a diehard no. A life with regrets is not worth living. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a short attention span due to its short length and rapid fast pace


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