Review of Shadow and Bones by Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and Bones is a fantasy book about a world where the magical elite rule  under the guidance of a powerful leader called the Darkling. The main character Alina is recruited by a magical unit called the Grisha after a traumatic experience unleashes a power that she never knew she had. From that moment on Alina is thrust into a strange and dangerous world. The main theme of this book is that the truth always comes to light. Alina hid her power for years to avoid being separated from her best friend Mal until Alina exposed herself by creating a blinding light. The Darkling’s plan of gaining power is hidden from everyone until a trainer named Bahgra exposes his plans and helps Alina escape. The book was great but I wished it could have talked more in depth about Alina’s Grisha training and the different powers the Grisha’s have. I hope the next one focuses more on the Grisha than the problems of the main character or the huge class distinctions between Grisha and the non Grisha. If you like fantasy and can be patient when it comes to world building I would recommend this book.


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