Creating Morals in a World Without As Seen In The Unwind Series by Neal Shusterman

The Unwind series is a dystopia like no other. It makes us question the world around us. The Unwind series consists of three book of which I have read two Unwind and Unwholly.The premise of the books is that between the ages of thirteen and seventeen parents are allowed to sign a form saying their  kid could be unwound. Unwinding means being taken apart organ by organ and having those organs donated to people in need and the kids themselves have absolutely no say in it.

The books explores unwinding from three different angles. Risa is a ward of the state or an orphan who is scheduled to be unwound after she lose a piano competition to get into a music school and is deemed worthless. Conner whose parents make the decision to unwind him and finally Levi whose overly religious parents view unwinding as sharing their precious son with those in need.

The trio manages to escape unwinding when Conner who stole a car crashes with the trucktransporting Risa and Levi to the unwinding camp. The three escape the accident together andchange the worlds views on unwinding forever.

My favorite chapter is called Teacher. It occurs when a teacher who finds Conner and Risa hiding in school, rather than turning them in she decides that it is her duty as a teacher to lead by example and helps them escape. Showing the teacher’s point of view of the incident shows that adults have a duty to set good examples for kids to follow. I think that chapter shows a valuable moral.

In Unwind Conner discovers, his, own set of morals and helps to guide others with it. In Unwholly Risa shows why sticking to morals is so important when after being. paralyzed from the waist down she is told that if she doesn’t  listen to the woman who captured her, that the woman would tell the government where the  kids who escaped unwinding were hiding. Risa had declined a new spine before due to personal morals, but she compromised those morals to stick to her morals about escaped unwinders safe.


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