Toto, I Don’t Think We Are in Oz Anymore

The book Dorothy Must Die was written by Danielle Paige has an extremely originaltake on Oz. The heroine Amy Gumm is sent to Oz after her trailer is blown away in a tornado.The movie Amy saw of Oz are nothing like she remembers from the movie though.The good witch Gilda has a creepy smile on her face that never comes off. The Munchicans are enslaved and forced to mine Oz’s  magic for those who Dorothy deems worthy.  Oz is completely falling apart due to Dorothy influences.  For the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked one thing is certain Dorothy Must Die

Amy Gumm is sent to Oz by accident but the members of the order see it as anopportunity now they have a candidate they can train to stop Dorothy.  The order consist of Gilda sister a teenager named Nox and several others.

The main theme of this book is that greed can corrupt even the most magical of places and the most trustworthy of people. Dorothy’s  greed which was not present at first became more and more apparent over time.  Dorothy is seen by some as the hero of Oz but the reality she is a dictator who is driven by greed to gain control of all of Oz magic. The Cowardly Lion’s quest for courage has made him a greedy bully who feeds off others  fear. The Tinman’s desire to have a heart lead him to being abused by Dorothy who his heart beats for, and finally the Scarecrow’s greedy pursuit of knowledge has led him to inject his own brain with needles.  A big part of Amy mission is to take the Lion’s courage, the Tinman’s heart and the Scarecrow’s brain

This book is the first in a series so it is not a standalone but I would recommend pickingthis up if you are into classic retellings. I plan on purchasing the sequel myself. I did two post this week since I will be on vacation next week and cannot post.


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