Family and Free will in Haunting Violet

The book Haunting Violet is a ghost story sat in the late 1800s. The protagonist Violet is the daughter of a well known spiritual medium; little do her mother clients know Violet and her mother’s ward Colin have been helping her mother fake a spiritual gift for years. Things change when Violet develops an ability to see sprits and realizes it is her destiny to help them.

The main theme throughout Haunting Violet is the choice between doing what is right for your family or exhibiting free will. The main ghost Violet sees is a young girl murdered by a family member who chose to gain wealth as opposed to doing what was right for his family. This theme is also seen through Violet’s relationship with her mother. Violet hates helping her mother with her séances but does it out of an obligation to family. Violet’s mother is later exposed and becomes a man’s mistress abandoning Violet.

Violet rebels against her mother when it comes to her love life even though she never did when it came to her mom work. Violet’s mom wants Violet to marry into society so they can be well provided for but Violets follows her heart and begins to date Colin and displaying her own free will when it comes to her heart.

If I could change one thing about this book it would be that the tricks used to fake Violet’s mom séances would be described in more detail. I found it interesting how creative they tricks were and wanting to learn more about them.

I give Haunting Violet 4 out of 5 stars


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