All changes start with panic as shown in Panic by Lauren Oliver

The book Panic is about four people Heather, Nat, Bishop and Dodge.  These four characters all become involved in a local game called Panic. Panic has several different games that have only one rule to them if any player leaves the game or shows fear they are out.  Heather, Nat, and Dodge are all players in the game Bishop is involved in the game but in a different way. The main theme throughout this book is very true to life. Nothing in life can improve without learning how to look your fears in the eyes and deal with them.

Dodge learns by having his sister who was disabled in the game years ago confront him and say to give up trying to get revenge on the people who injured her and move on.  Nat learns this when her fear of being in a committed relationship causes her to push her boyfriend away. Bishop learns this when his fear of not being honest with Heather about his involvement in the games causes him to almost lose his friendship with her.

The main character Heather learns this through her relationship with her drug addicted mother. For years Heather was afraid to directly confront her mother but when Heather’s mom actions endanger her younger sister Lily she finds a strength within herself and packs up everything of her and her sisters and moves out even though they have no real place to go.

In the end Heather finds a way to protect herself and her sister. Bishop and Heather renew their friendship and Nat and Dodge change for the better as well


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