Toto, I Don’t Think We Are in Oz Anymore

The book Dorothy Must Die was written by Danielle Paige has an extremely originaltake on Oz. The heroine Amy Gumm is sent to Oz after her trailer is blown away in a tornado.The movie Amy saw of Oz are nothing like she remembers from the movie though.The good witch Gilda has a creepy smile on her face that never comes off. The Munchicans are enslaved and forced to mine Oz’s  magic for those who Dorothy deems worthy.  Oz is completely falling apart due to Dorothy influences.  For the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked one thing is certain Dorothy Must Die

Amy Gumm is sent to Oz by accident but the members of the order see it as anopportunity now they have a candidate they can train to stop Dorothy.  The order consist of Gilda sister a teenager named Nox and several others.

The main theme of this book is that greed can corrupt even the most magical of places and the most trustworthy of people. Dorothy’s  greed which was not present at first became more and more apparent over time.  Dorothy is seen by some as the hero of Oz but the reality she is a dictator who is driven by greed to gain control of all of Oz magic. The Cowardly Lion’s quest for courage has made him a greedy bully who feeds off others  fear. The Tinman’s desire to have a heart lead him to being abused by Dorothy who his heart beats for, and finally the Scarecrow’s greedy pursuit of knowledge has led him to inject his own brain with needles.  A big part of Amy mission is to take the Lion’s courage, the Tinman’s heart and the Scarecrow’s brain

This book is the first in a series so it is not a standalone but I would recommend pickingthis up if you are into classic retellings. I plan on purchasing the sequel myself. I did two post this week since I will be on vacation next week and cannot post.


Family and Free will in Haunting Violet

The book Haunting Violet is a ghost story sat in the late 1800s. The protagonist Violet is the daughter of a well known spiritual medium; little do her mother clients know Violet and her mother’s ward Colin have been helping her mother fake a spiritual gift for years. Things change when Violet develops an ability to see sprits and realizes it is her destiny to help them.

The main theme throughout Haunting Violet is the choice between doing what is right for your family or exhibiting free will. The main ghost Violet sees is a young girl murdered by a family member who chose to gain wealth as opposed to doing what was right for his family. This theme is also seen through Violet’s relationship with her mother. Violet hates helping her mother with her séances but does it out of an obligation to family. Violet’s mother is later exposed and becomes a man’s mistress abandoning Violet.

Violet rebels against her mother when it comes to her love life even though she never did when it came to her mom work. Violet’s mom wants Violet to marry into society so they can be well provided for but Violets follows her heart and begins to date Colin and displaying her own free will when it comes to her heart.

If I could change one thing about this book it would be that the tricks used to fake Violet’s mom séances would be described in more detail. I found it interesting how creative they tricks were and wanting to learn more about them.

I give Haunting Violet 4 out of 5 stars

All changes start with panic as shown in Panic by Lauren Oliver

The book Panic is about four people Heather, Nat, Bishop and Dodge.  These four characters all become involved in a local game called Panic. Panic has several different games that have only one rule to them if any player leaves the game or shows fear they are out.  Heather, Nat, and Dodge are all players in the game Bishop is involved in the game but in a different way. The main theme throughout this book is very true to life. Nothing in life can improve without learning how to look your fears in the eyes and deal with them.

Dodge learns by having his sister who was disabled in the game years ago confront him and say to give up trying to get revenge on the people who injured her and move on.  Nat learns this when her fear of being in a committed relationship causes her to push her boyfriend away. Bishop learns this when his fear of not being honest with Heather about his involvement in the games causes him to almost lose his friendship with her.

The main character Heather learns this through her relationship with her drug addicted mother. For years Heather was afraid to directly confront her mother but when Heather’s mom actions endanger her younger sister Lily she finds a strength within herself and packs up everything of her and her sisters and moves out even though they have no real place to go.

In the end Heather finds a way to protect herself and her sister. Bishop and Heather renew their friendship and Nat and Dodge change for the better as well

Book Review: The One

To Borrow or Buy


I was so excited once I was finally able to buy and read this book with no distractions or anything getting in the way. It was worth the wait and every penny. I believe I can’t do this review without going into details so beware the spoilers.


First, I was very nervous about this book because in my experience the last book of a dystopian trilogy never ends the way I want to (i.e. The Hunger Games, MatchedDelirium, etc.). However, with this novel Kiera Cass did an excellent job of tying up lose ends, giving us a happy ending but also keeping it real about the costs of war.

Although there were many deaths there was also so much happiness and love that although I cried I still smiled because this was such a beautifully written book.

If you’ve never read The Selection series before shame…

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Method to My Madness

What Do You Think?

This Blog is going to contain two things reviews of what book I am reading and my answering of various writing prompts. What I encourage anyone who reads it do is submit their own response to the writing prompts and thoughts on what it is I am reading. The title what’s happening reflects what are you thinking about. I will update every Monday unless something changes than I will let you know what date it is going to be on.

I want to hear you ideas

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